sprekersprofiel van Marcel Klok

Head Of Procurement (Member of Royal Joh. Enschede Management Team)

  • Experience includes strategic development and transformation of procurement functions and leading procurement operations through Category Management, Global, Regional & Local Sourcing and Outsourcing, Contract, Vendor and Stakeholder Management.
  • Executing tenders for goods/ services, contracting of most international suppliers.
  • (Re)negotiations with (potential) suppliers. Strategic advise and support to JE board.
  • Identification of potential commodity and/or supplier opportunity areas.
    (e.g., standardization, supplier consolidation, assortment reduction)
  • Analysis of supplier information, Sourcing, benchmarking, Contracting of national and international suppliers.

Head of Innovation Group Royal Joh. Enschede

  • Enlarge product range by developing new materials for new markets.
  • Product and business development.
Marcel Klok
+31 23 518 44 44

Marcel Klok's bijdragen bij CMBO bijeenkomsten

Automatisering: ontwerp en print, maar nu even anders.

Op donderdag 11 april vindt het CMBO-event ‘Automatisering: ontwerp en print maar nu even anders’ plaats. Het event wordt georganiseerd in samenwerking met BNO en vindt ook plaats in het gebouw van BNO te Amsterdam.

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